Crops and livestock

Quantitative flux management:

The incoming products involve the verification of deliveries of raw materials, solid/liquid fertiliser. The outgoing products are shipping of animals to customers or the slaughterhouse. Measurement of tonnages for cereals loaded to the coop or storage centre. Manufacture of food on the farm: dosing, mixing



  • Direct production sales
  • Verification of the tonnages announced by storage centres
  • Verification of incoming products: fertiliser, seeds, etc.
  • Weighing of livestock trucks when leaving the farm.
  • Checking the deliveries of raw materials
  • Dosing of ingredients
    for the manufacture of food on the farm



  • Concrete or metal weighbridge
  • Wide weighbridge for tractors with low pressure tyres
  • Printer


  • Concrete weighbridge
  • Weigh-in weigh-out management software


  • Bin measuring system
  • Ground platform
  • Adjuvant scale