EnergIE productiE EN distributiE


PRECIA-MOLEN biedt een volledig programma industriële weegapparatuur voor deze sector, ook voor toepassing Ex zones.



  • Controle van de hoeveelheden vloeibaar gas geladen in tanks.
  • Ingangscontrole van grondstoffen, via weg,spoor, binnen water of maritiem transport
  • Checking of raw material procurement directly via the supplier’s conveyor belts
  • Regulation of coal levels in the buffer silos. Tons of coal consumed during the cold season
  • Knowledge of storage levels
  • Addition of bentonite in boring fluids
  • Control of the quantities loaded in the bucket
  • Regulated supply of coal and bituminous binder for mixing before the ball press
  • Qualitative analysis of samples in the laboratory



  • Slagbomen / Ex weegbrug / Ex volgdisplay /  input/output management software/ laadstation automatisering


  • Gecombineerde voertuig – wagon weegbrug met losput  / single station integrating scale for stockpilling / hopper scale for replacement fuels


  • Single station integrating scale for internal use or multi-station scale for commercial operations
  • Multi-station scale for lifting loads prior to loading in the furnace, for internal use or commercial operations


  • Measuring system with silo compression sensor


  • Weigh bin / loss-in-weight feeder


  • Transducer on the loader hydraulic circuit


  • Belt weighing extractor / pulse volume weighfeeder


  • Highly accurate low capacity scale, dryer


PRECIA-MOLEN can provide the full range of weighing machines required for the processes in your activity, from static weighing to continuous dosing



  • Management of raw materials in on-site acceptance
  • Unloading of MP wagons or ships, continuous supply by conveyor from the nearby quarry
  • Truck loading station / shipping of finished products
  • Removal of storage to supply the installation, clinker dosing, mix management, preparation of loads to supply the furnaces, continuous and regulated supply of crushers, recycling of filler, replacement fuel input, truck loading station for waste removal
  • Qualitative analysis of samples in the laboratory



  • Concrete weighbridge / management software / access control – barrier / remote weight display / licence plate reading camera


  • Rail weighbridge with unloading pit / single-station scale for ground stock input with standard accuracy / multi-station scale for filler totalling, for internal checks or trade use


  • Road Weighbridge / HL terminal / barrier / management software, control panel, automation
  • Rail weighbridge in trade use


  • Single-station scale for process monitoring indications / multi-station scales for filler totalling / loss-in-weight weighfeeder with weigh bin / weight loss weighfeeder with articulated weighing carrier / volume extractor or weighing extractor . fully weighed belt


  • Highly accurate low capacity scale, dryer



PRECIA MOLEN can provide the full range of weighing machines required for processes for your activity, and continuous weighers and weighfeeders in particular



  • Management of trucks removing production waste, dairy waste, clinker waste, slag, etc
  • Verification of the quantities of raw materials delivered by wagon (limestone) or by ship (coal, mineral ores)


  • Shipping of finished products, flat bars, tubes, iron bars, coils, etc.
  • Fine level control for silos and preparation of loads
  • Control of carbon / lime mixes for the treatment of flue gases
  • Dosing of adjuvants, monitoring of processes: urea, filler return, etc.
  • Management of mixes for the production of agglomerates or coke
  • Qualitative analysis of samples in
    the laboratory



  • Concrete weghbridge / input/output management software / access control – barrier / remote weight display / radioactivity scanner


  • Rail weighbridge with unloading pit / single-station scale for internal stockpiling / multi-station scale for filler totallling on the addition-recovery shovel wheel
  • Rail weighbridge for commercial operations


  • Measuring system with high capacity compression sensors


  • Weigh bin / loss-in-weight feeder / ATEX Z21


  • Weighing screw / loss-in weight feede / belt scale / belt weighfeeder


  • Belt weighing extractor for the dosing of coal, calcine, agglomerates, pellets, mineral ore, coke, etc, in proportion
  • Weighing on conveyor belt via single-station scale for process accuracy or via multi-station scale for filler totalling / Belt weighfeeder of 20 – 3000 T/h to supply pellets


  • Highly accurate low capacity scale,dryer